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Mesh/Fence banners

Lightweight, durable and economical pvc mesh event fencing is great for athletic events, races and festival crowd control or security purposes. Vinyl mesh has an open weave design that allows wind to pass through and decreases flapping. Many events and sports organizations are adding fence screens to beautify their fences and brand their programs. 

Durable pvc coated, uv stabilised and fire-retardent.
Perfect for site fence advertising.
100% waterproof.

Mesh Banners have small holes that allow the breeze to pass through the banner avoiding a sail effect and ripping in the wind.

All sizes available.

If you would like more information, please contact me

​Air Mesh Fence Scrim

  • 100% polyester, Fully recyclable.

  • Air & wind permeable mesh structure.

  • Dye sublimation printed. Design reads correctly on the front and reverse on the back.

  • Light Weight. 4oz/130gsm (half weight of regular mesh vinyl).

  • Resistant fray, scuffing, curling, wrinkles, foldings and abrasion.

  • Washable and Fold-able.

  • Easy to transport and install. It is also very easy to store and re-use over numerous events.

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